Our Mission

Lighting a candle is a ritual that began and has continued from ancient times. It is symbolic of life of not walking in darkness. A candle lights the way for one to move forward even when the light only illuminates just a few feet ahead. The path that we walk in life is sometimes filled with darkness. The darkness of relationships, sickness, poverty or the dread of daily living. It is my belief that our thoughts can be a candlelight to illuminate our way out of any darkness. TORCH  is an acronym for Thoughts of Rich Choices and Habits. Our mission is to inspire and empower people by reminding them that their thoughts are a prayer. That they are always moving in the direction of their most dominant thought. 

Why our coconut wax?

  • Our Coconut wax burns at a calm and cool temperature providing a longer burn time.

  • Our Coconut wax throws a radius scent to any ambiance, never produces soot, and burns cleaner than any of the other popular waxes such as paraffin, palm, soy or beeswax.

  • Our Coconut wax is organic, sustainable, eco-friendly, and obtained via natural pressing.

Meet Our Founder

Being a candle maker is my safe place. I can express my emotions, I can play, and I can connect with people throughout all walks of life. I am most proud that I can make something that can change the way people feel almost immediately.

TORCHLA is a business that ultimately has to do with managing your thought life. Particularly, your daily thought life. Yes, beautifully scented, eco friendly, candles are sold. But, they are only the vehicle for one to deliberately, intentionally and purposefully shift their thinking. To daily shift their thinking to only Thoughts Of Rich Choices and Habits.

—Claunesha Jones

Featured in the Los Angeles Times